Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Trunell is very professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. She listens to her patients and provides top-quality healthcare. Her staff is very organized and ensures the office is comfortable. The care I have received has allowed me to have less pain and a better quality of life."

- Terri M.

"Very professional and a wealth of life-improving information to get you well on your path of health revitalization. I will always be a patient."

- Desmond P.

"Dr. Trunell has been a total God send to our family. My children started going to her 2 years ago. My children (1) and (3) at the time felt totally comfortable with her and are always excited to go! My kids are now (3) and (5) and bed to go to her office weekly. She has been an integral part of my son's healing process. (He has intractable epilepsy) With each visit he's done better and better. We take our daughter for wellness and they went all winter without being sick. She's warm, gentle, friendly, loving, and very skilled. I trust her with my children and their health! We love her!"

- Alison M.

"Dr. Trunell has been amazing to our family. She has shown and taught us so much about whole-body wellness with chiropractor care. And my kids LOVE to go to adjustments bc she is so caring and gentle w them! We recommend her to everyone!"

- Reva W.

"Dr. Trunell is fantastic. We take our entire family to see her. Great office and relaxing atmosphere. Lisa is always friendly and helpful."

- Nolan B.

"Dr. Trunell and the entire staff are great! The office and rooms are comfortable. I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Trunell's practice. She knows exactly what she's doing and the best way to treat the discomfort, not just in the short run, but in the long run as well."

- Sara G.

"Day by day Dr Trunell is changing my life as well as my husband and preemie daughter. I started seeing her just for the same reasons most see a chiropractor aches and pains. Now I know there was a root to all my pains and we're no longer just treating with bandaids on the symptoms. I look forward to being healthy and pain-free in the New Year. Thank you Dr Trunell for giving me my life back."

- Erin B.

"They did a wonderful job Aiding me back to good health!! Dr Turnell and Yana are so awesome and the light of the room as soon as you walk in! Will highly recommend them to family, friends, and strangers!!"

- S. T.

"I went into Hillcrest Chiropractor in so much pain. I wasn’t able to sit for long periods of time. My job requires lots of sitting at a computer. After a few months of therapy, I felt so much better. The staff was AWESOME!!!! Also, so kind and understanding of my therapy needs."

- B. H.

"DR TRUNELL is wonderful. Went to see her for several weeks after a car accident and she was able to assess and treat a multitude of issues with my back. I've never felt better and would go to her again anytime. Highly recommend their office as very caring and professional."

- L. N.

"The folks at Hillcrest Chiropractic are the best! From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, you are called by name, cared for, and treated like family. Dr. Roper is wonderful! She really listens to me and uses her talents and skills to keep me strong balanced and pain-free. I am blessed to know all of you!"

- F. G.

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